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Meeting In-Person…

Kessid Student Ministries is a place designed to help Middle School and High School students grow their faith, character, and relationships! Middle School (6-8th Grade) and High School (9-12th Grade) meet Wednesday’s from 7:00-8:30pm at Kessid Uptown.

We exist to help students encounter the love of Jesus. We seek to do this in three key ways:

  • Community – We know that for a student, they often get glimpses of what Jesus is like through the friendships around them. Our first goal is to help connect every student to a community of Christ-following people. Through this kind of community, there’s a transformation. Not only will your students connect with other students, but we have a great group of background-checked adult leaders who are passionate about connecting with students. They take students for Frosty’s & Fries, Coffee Chats, attend your student’s games, performances, and activities, and much more.
  • Experiences – Students are yearning to know whether God’s just a distant being or someone who loves and wants to connect with them. Experiences such as worship, camps, or serving trips are the bridge toward a connection with God. We seek to make it a pivotal part of our ministry to help students connect with the God who’s reaching out to them.
  • Service – When our community points us to and our experience connects us with God, it leads to a life where we show everyone the selfless love of God. Through relationships, experiences, & service we believe students will begin or grow in their faith.

Stay Connected

To learn more about our events you can download our church app or visit our website at Kessid.com/events. You can also sign up for mass text by texting KSM to 33222. If you ever want to help in any capacity or have any questions, email Pastor Joe Borelis at joeb@kessidchurch.com.