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111 W 28th St.
Vancouver, WA 98660

  • Thursday Service 6:30pm
  • Sunday Services 9 & 11am
  • Online Services 9 & 11am

Our Kessid Uptown Story…

Being a set-up/tear down church that rents a school has presented some challenges. One such challenge is not being able to hold baptism services (large bodies of water are frowned upon in college auditoriums.) During the winter of 2016, we were looking for a place to hold a baptism. Someone mentioned that they knew a church with a baptismal that would be willing to host us for our baptism, which happened to be Main Street Community Church. Little did we know, Main Street was in the process of getting ready to give their building to a younger congregation in town.

Following our service, Pastor Danny was approached by a Main Street elder and asked if we would be interested in having a discussion about inheriting the building. Of course he answered, “Yes, we would love to talk more about that!”

After more prayer, meetings and promptings of the Holy Spirit the Main Street Church family unanimously voted “yes” to merge and give the building to us, and the Kessid congregation accepted!


After 7 years of arranging rentals, setting up and tearing down every single Sunday, we were happy to announce God blessed our church family with a permanent home in the heart of uptown Vancouver!


Soon after we put together dates for tours so our congregation could come see the facility. Our staff and elders led these tours, and we had over 500 people come through (and we ate A LOT of pizza). It was amazing to walk through realizing that this would be our future home!

We then merged both churches together with a series called “Chalice” using the original church chalice from it’s founding in 1887. We felt using the chalice was an awesome way to bind both congregations together as we continued to honor and further the legacy started so long ago spreading the Good News of Jesus throughout Vancouver!

We are now in our newly renovated building! Our address is 111 W 28th St. Vancouver, WA 98660, and we have in-person services on Thursdays at 6:30pm and Sundays at 9 & 11am.  You can also watch our Sunday services via live stream at kessiduptown.live.

We at Kessid will always be incredibly grateful for the sacrifice and generosity of the Main Street Congregation entrusting us with this amazing blessing!

Brief Building History

Main Street Community Church was founded as First Baptist Church in 1887, two years before Washington became a state! The church began with 13 charter members in a single story building on the property at 108 W. 27th St. in Vancouver. Over the years, First Baptist grew into a two story church building and in 1955 expanded into the building it is today.

Project Management

We are thrilled to have Pastor Tom Lovelace, our Executive Pastor at Kessid, as our Project Manager!

Pastor Tom has extensive ministry experience with many years of pastor and eldership roles in leadership, finance and staff development. He is currently serving as Executive Pastor here at Kessid. His duties include overseeing the staff, church finances, and elder board.

In conjunction with serving in ministry, he also has 40+ years of business experience. He currently owns and operates a very successful national business franchise, being the largest franchisee in the system, which includes over 90 locations across the United States. He also sits on the advisory board for the brand.

Pastor Tom has been married to his wife, Lisa, for 40 years. He has two children, four grandsons, and two granddaughters. His passion is to serve, using the gifts God has given him in leadership, management, and finance. He upholds the values of accountability, transparency, and stewardship of God’s resources.

His role as Project Manager for our Kessid Uptown Project is to direct and steward the finances, lead the team helping execute our remodel and be the point person for the duration of the project.

If you have any questions regarding our project please contact Pastor Tom at toml@kessidchurch.com or 360-597-4015.

Tom Lovelace

toml@kessidchurch.com // 360-597-4015

How You Can Help

We are asking our Kessid family to prayerfully consider a role in our Uptown Building Project! Below are several ways you can help.

  • Financially
  • Gift of an Asset
  • Volunteer Labor
  • Prayer

Let us know where you’d like to help by filling out the form. If you’d like to give a one time gift, you can click the “Give Now” button below. We hope everyone will continue to be in prayer with us as we move forward with this amazing endeavor!