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At Kessid one of our core values is to partner with existing organizations that are already doing great work in our community. Our hope is to help provide the resources (volunteers, supplies, funding, etc.) they need to do the work God has called them to. Below is a list of our current ministry partners. We encourage you to prayerfully read through to see if God may be calling you to partner as well.

Teach One to Lead One

Community Mentoring Program

Teach One to Lead One® is a community mentoring program that teaches Universal Principles to lead students into a life of purpose and potential.

Teach One to Lead One (T1L1) is a national organization that also partners with Elementary, Middle, and High Schools in our community. It is an impossible goal for teachers and educators to do both the emotional-social as well as education equipping of students. This is why it’s vital for mentors to come alongside these students. T1L1 trains mentors to bring hope and stability to students in need.

How you can partner:
To learn more about how you can become a T1L1 Mentor CLICK HERE.

Live Love Center

Homeless Refuge

Live Love is a place of refuge for those in our community. Many who are living in poverty or homelessness, have no guarantee of food or shelter on any given day. Live Love Center is open three times a week to provide meals, make connections, and welcome all who come. They are a place where people are not judged for their circumstances, but are accepted, encouraged, and given resources to better their lives.

How you can partner:

  1. Kessid frequently has giving campaigns to provide resources such as food and clothes to Live Love.
  2. Support financially at (https://pushpay.com/g/livinghopechurch?src=hpp&r=monthly)
  3. You can volunteer to serve by emailing livelove@livinghopechurch.com.

His Heart Foundation

Mental Wellness

His Heart Foundation serves our local community by ministering in the areas of mental wellness through prevention, intervention, and restoration. His Heart is breaking the stigma of mental illness by educating local churches and individuals so that they will know that there is hope and healing for their minds, bodies, souls, and relationships. HHF offers multiple programs and services :

How you can partner :

  1. Join the Prayer Team: email info@hisheartfoundation.org
  2. Become a financial partner
  3. Partner by volunteering your time and talents
  4. Become a Mentor: MentorSuccess™ email mentorsuccess@hisheartfoundation.org for more information.
  5. Counselors – Join the HHF Counselor Coalition: email info@hisheartfoundation.org for more information.
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Open House Ministries

Local Family Shelter

Open House Ministries is a local family shelter housing 100-plus residents a night, more than half of which are children. OHM is committed to equipping homeless families with the tools necessary for resolving the underlying issues that lead to poverty and homelessness. They walk alongside homeless families as they rebuild their lives, and after gaining life skills and practical tools, residents can lead healthy, independent lives.

How you can partner:

  1. Volunteer (https://www.sheltered.org/volunteer/)
  2. Donate Financially (https://www.sheltered.org/donate
  3. Donate Supplies (https://www.sheltered.org/donate-items/)